Significance of DSC

In today’s digital era, when everything from shopping, education, business communication and a number of other important functions are done online, digital signatures hold a huge importance. Digital Signatures, as is obvious from the name, is an electronically created signature used for various purposes of online applications. Especially commerce, business and trade, may it be domestic or international, is dependant on the internet and thus needs digital signatures for their regular business operations. Big as well as small business houses, companies, corporate, MNC’s, CA’s or even individuals, who are involved in some kind of business or trade, have to use Digital Signatures for their routine financial transactions, agreements and compliance needs etc. DSC is a solution that allows you to sign documents, which at the same time authenticates the signer. In online transactions, physical signatures have long been replaced with Digital Signatures and have made the online dealings much easier. It ensures the integrity of the sent message, which gives the receiver a reason to believe that the message has not been tempered or altered in the transit. One has to get these DSC’s through some licensed and authorized company, which is duly approved to issue such Digital Signature Certificates under the IT Act 2000.

Significance of DSC (Digital signature Certificate)
Digital signature Certificate

DSC (Digital Signature Certificates)

In this article, I will highlight Significance of DSC various benefits and uses of DSC (Digital Signature Certificates), which may give a clear idea about the usage and importance of DSC’s to an existing or a new user. Most companies as well as individuals have long been using these DSC’s in their day to day business. Digital Signatures are created by applying a mathematical scheme used to verify and confirm the originality of digital messages. While providing highest levels of security, DSC’s give the receiver a guarantee, that the message or the document has been sent by the claimed sender only.  

Benefits and uses of DSC :

  • Authentication : DSCs are helpful in authenticating the details of personal information of the individual holder, while conducting online business or other financial transactions.
  • Ease of Use : It saves an user from the monotonous exercise of repeatedly signing different documents all day. Using the digital signatures instead is much more easy and convenient.
  • Cost Effective : PDF files can be digitally signed instead of physically signing the hard copy, scanning and sending through e-mail. This becomes much less expensive.
  • Less Time Consuming : As it saves a lot of effort and hectic exercise of physically signing each and every document and then scanning and e-mailing, it saves a lot of time and is thus much less time consuming.
  • Originality of Document : A receiver has the assurance that the sent document is authentic and on the basis of this, he can proceed further without worrying about the document being forged.
  • Statutory Compliance : Organizations and individuals, who require to get their accounts audited, it is compulsory for them to file their IT return with Digital Signatures every year. Moreover it has been made mandatory for all entities to file applications, reports and other forms using Digital Signatures only.
  • GST registration : For GST registration also, entities and individuals need to have Digital Signatures.


The issuing authority for DSC’s in India is e-mudhra Limited, V Sign, Panta-sign and Capricorn , which has its licensed partners all over the country. Acute Networks is one such e-mudhra partner organization that is authorized to issue emudhra Digital Signature Certificate to the companies, corporate, Individuals CA’s etc. Apart from DSC’s, Acute Networks, which is a Chandigarh based company, also provides various other services like NSDL- PAN card services, e-tendering and much more.

You can become partner of any Certifying Authority by Acute Networks LLP to sell DSC in the retail market and earn good money. Also for those who to monetize the network, can get Controller Login , or Registered Authority Login, or Main RA to build up the team for the distribution of Digital Signatures, For details, check the company’s website.

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