During lockdown, many a business have suffered huge financial losses, some have closed down and others are on the verge of it, but the crisis is not yet over. A number of small businesses or new startups had to be shut down, some ran into rough weathers, while most of them which were established ones, cut down on their staff, thereby rendering many jobless and unemployed. In such circumstances, those who could afford, stayed home and some even started work from home, as it became need of the hour. But not all were lucky. Those who did not have any choices, started trying their luck in small time business like street food or other. Many did not know what to do. Now, as things are slowly limping back to normal, it is time, we make up our mind what to do.

In this article, I am going to elaborate on such opportunities, which most of us are not aware. Or maybe sometimes it does not come to our mind. I am trying to draw your attention towards such business, where we can make good amount of money by just providing our services. Everybody needs a PAN no. There are still many people, who do not have a PAN card by now. They even do not know whether a PAN No. has been allotted to them or not. In rural as well as urban areas, there is  still a huge scope for PAN card centres, where people can apply for a new PAN card, or get alterations in their existing PAN card, change of name or other. A huge population is still unaware of the place, where they can get all these services.

NSDL PAN Card Center

A PAN No.called the Permanent Account Number is a ten digit number issued to every Indian individual in the form of a laminated card by the Income Tax Department of India for his tax needs. It counts as one of the most important documents, as a unique identification number is allotted to each tax payer of the country. However, Tax Information Network (TIN) is a contemporary system of collecting, monitoring, processing and accounting of direct taxes. Even if a person’s income is not taxable, he has to get a PAN No. allotted to him or her. NSDL PAN Card Center e-Gov accepts PAN applications on behalf of the Income Tax Department through its chain of TIN facilitation centers or TIN-FCs and PAN centers set up all across the country.

Apart from PAN Card services, many other services related to accounting, Income Tax, GST, Adhaar card etc. can be incorporated into the business, in order to have a one stop solution for many services, where public can get multiple choice of services being provided.

Now the question comes of procuring a PAN Card agency. There are some companies, which can provide a PAN Card agency to an aspirant. These companies are directly linked with the Income Tax department with whom they have regular dealings. One should be very particular while selecting a company for this work, as it involves serious work  related to the NSDL, a government body. Acute Networks is a Chandigarh based NSDL PAN Card Center provider, which has been in operations for the last many years. Acute has a widespread network and established chain of PAN agents nationwide. With a vast experience in the field, Acute Networks has provided thousands of agencies pan India till date. Being a leading PAN Card agency provider, new aspirants can start authorized online PAN Card center of NSDL with the help of Acute Networks. The company also assists the new starters on how to run the center. For signing up for a PAN card for any type of person, individual, company, trust or society, the company guides you in every step. The biggest concern of PAN card applicants is filling up of the form, about which you do not have to worry, as they are rescued by NSDL agents, which provide efficient service to your customers.

The steps that involve a PAN card application are filling up of the form of the applicant, which needs care because before submitting, all the information about the applicant should be correct. The form is available on the NSDL website. Applicant’s photo has to be affixed along with the form, which has to be filled online. The applicant’s signatures are taken on the form before submitting. A printout should be taken after submission, so as to ascertain what information has been given by us. The form duly filled in should be submitted along with the application fee. For any detailed information regarding NSDL PAN Card agency, the website of Acute Networks can be seen.

How to Apply for a New PAN Card

The process of applying for a new PAN card is not as complex as one thinks. One only needs to furnish a few personal details and normally in about 15 to 20 days, a PAN number is allotted and the PAN Card is issued by the Income Tax department, if no mistake is found in the given details. It is therefore better to apply through some authorized agency to make the entire process smooth, so that no problem is faced in getting the PAN card. There are a number of NSDL -PAN centers all around the cities, but one should choose an agency, which is duly authorized for providing such services like PAN card services. This type of agents are duly approved by NSDL, the body that issues the PAN Cards. By going through these authorized agencies, the entire process of PAN card application is facilitated. Resident Indian citizens, who have never applied for or have no PAN Card Center of NSDL allotted in their name earlier, can fill the form for a new PAN Card.    

What information is required to be filled in the form for a New PAN Card

Generally, the details that have to be filled in the form for a new PAN card include,

* DOB Proof

* Proof of Address (Residential proof)

* Proof of Identity

* Communication details

* Adhaar Card  

* Income details etc.

Nominal Fee payment has to be done online using debit card, credit card or by internet banking. While filling up the form, one should be careful enough to sign it appropriately. Two latest passport size photographs are also required to be attached with the form. The properly filled up form is then attached with all the requisite documents of proofs and submitted online to the issuing authority.

How long it takes to get a New Pan Card

 If all information filled up in the form is found to be correct, the PAN card is issued normally within 15-20 working days. However, if there is a correction to be made in the PAN card, some modification or some change of address etc. is needed to be done, then it can take from 30 to 40 days. For detailed information, an authorized agency or any PAN Card Center of NSDL can be contacted.

Major Benefits of a PAN Card

For Sale/purchase of Moveable or Immoveable Property

Sale, Purchase of Motor vehicles

In various financial transactions

In getting Telephone connections

For opening Bank Accounts

For foreign travel etc.

New PAN Card seekers are advised to apply through some reputed authorized agency, PAN Card Center of NSDL only.