EMudhra Limited is a Certifying Authority licensed by Controller of Certifying Authorities, under Government of India. eMudhra operates under the guidelines set by Information Technology Act. With more than one million certificates issued, eMudhra caters to all kinds of subscribers who use Digital Certificates for Income Tax, MCA (ROC), Tenders, Foreign Trade, Banking, Railways, Advocates and many other needs.

Relying Parties

emudhra digital signature certificate can be used and relied in any online or offline applications. The organization (or Individual) using such application is termed as Relying Party. The application can be an online application hosted on a web server, or offline desktop application, or third party applications like Adobe PDF reader, etc. All such applications are expected to make necessary CRL / OCSP check, in addition to validating the trust chain, the expiry and the subject details of the certificate.

All Relying parties are bound by Relying Party Terms & Conditions, as defined in eMudhra Certification Practice Statement, also a Partner of Acute Networks It is recommended that, all Relying Parties shall register Partner with eMudhra by providing the organization details along with Administrative and Technical person contact information for emudhra digital signature certificate.



Digital Signature Certificates.

Acute is a Licensed Registered Authority ( Prime Controller) of a highly acclaimed Certifying Authority, eMudhra Limited which is one of the Few licensed Certifying Authorities under the Information Technology Act of India to issue digital signature certificates in India. Acute offers various solutions to its Franchisee Partners of Digital Signatures with a large user base among Individuals, Corporates, Banks, Government Organizations and several small and medium businesses.

It provides all types of emudhra Digital Signatures certificate such as Class 2 digital signatures used for MCA 21, ROC, E-filing of  TDS returns, Sales Tax, and Income Tax Returns. Class 3 digital signatures used of e-Tendering or e-Procurements on IRCTC, OFB, GAIL, IFFCO, NTPC, HCPL, Indian Railways, etc. DGFT used for EXIM.

Start your own Digital Signature Business

As technology took long leaps in the recent past, everyone has become tech. savvy and the life has become much easier. Today, we can purchase everything right from grocery to electronics just with the click of a button, and that too from the coziness of our home. There have been numerous other innovations through technology, due to which carrying out everyday business and other commercial operations have become much more convenient. Digital Signatures is one such specific technology implementation.

In this age of technology, physical signatures are being increasingly replaced by Digital Signatures for security reasons. They have even become statutory requirements in various applications. In this blog, I will try to make certain things clear about the for a layman to understand. Going a little deeper into technology, Digital Signatures are a solution, that allows you to sign documents and it also authenticates a signer. Any company, business house, Industry or service provider needs Digital signatures for its compliance needs and other financial transactions. Basically, it is a mathematical scheme used to verify and confirm the authenticity of digital messages and documents. It assures the integrity of the message, and ensures that the message has not been altered in the transit. It gives the receiver a reason to believe that the message received has been sent by the claimed sender. Digital Signatures provide highest level of security and universal acceptance. It uses standard accepted format called Public Key Infrastructure or PKI.

The use of technology in digital signatures varies from country to country. In India and other asian countries, tiered e-signature models are followed, that prefer locally defined standards based on digital signature technology.

As mentioned above, the creation of digital signatures is done besides other things, with a set of requirements called the Public Key Infrastructure. Each digital signature transaction comprises of a set of keys, called the private key and the public key. The former as the name implies, is never shared with anyone and is used only by the signer to sign the documents electronically. Whereas the latter (public key) is openly available to those who need to validate the signer’s electronic signatures. In addition to PKI, there are some other requirements such as Certificate Authority, digital certificate and end user’s enrolment software and tools to manage, renew and revoke keys and certificates.

When a user signs or sends a document, he wants assurance that the documents or the keys have been created securely and that he is using the valid keys. Here, the role of third party companies comes into play, which are widely acclaimed and accepted as reliable for ensuring foolproof key security management and which are capable of providing the necessary digital certificate. Therefore it is imperative for a businessman to choose such a company for this purpose, which has a good reputation in the market. Both the parties sending the document and the recipient signing it must agree to use the same CA.

Acute Networks is a trusted organization, which has been operating in the field of providing Digital Signatures and other allied services for the last seven years. Acute is a licensed Registered Authority of Emudhra digital signature certificates, which is one of the few licensed certifying authorities in India under the IT Act. So, being an eMudhra partner, Acute provides class 2 and class 3 certificates with legal validity as per the Indian IT Act. When a signer signs using the Acute Networks Digital Signatures, it means that a document can be sent with a Digital Signature using Acute Network as a CA. Alternatively, all the rich features of Acute Networks can be accessed by using the company’s signature appliance for transaction management. Acute is further authorized to appoint Digital Signature Franchisee anywhere in the country. Therefore to become eMudhra low cost DSC franchisee,  who wish to start their own Digital Signature Business can see the company’s website.

So, whatever you need for your business, choose wisely !